Caring Community Committee


We believe that a religious congregation is in a real sense a family, and that its members care about one another and are prepared to assume responsibility for the welfare of one another. The spiritual, moral and intellectual energies of a congregation are suitably directed this way. Moreover, within the Temple there is a large human reservoir providing the Temple family with the potential to accomplish a great deal. In a sense, we are morally and spiritually obligated to go beyond what the rabbi, as a single individual, can realistically achieve.

There are members of Temple who, from time to time, have needs that are not fully met by their family and friends. The rabbi and members of the congregation may become aware of these unmet needs. The Caring Community Committee works with the rabbi in facilitating a congregational community who provides the greatest amount of support for its members in times of need. A few of the services that they offer are hospital visits, Shiva support, organizing crisis support for members, and transportation for the elderly. If you would like to get involved, please contact the Temple office by email or at 403-252-1654.

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