B’nai Mitzvah

Temple B'nai Tikvah Education B'nai MitzvahThe B’nai Mitzvah program at B’nai Tikvah has been a recognized success for many years. Running concurrently with the Shabbat School, the program fosters a tight knit group of young people who are prepared fully for not only the day they are called to the Torah, but more importantly for a lifetime of Jewish learning.

Temple B'nai Tikvah Education B'not MitzvahB’nai Mitzvah candidates begin their day with Rabbi Glickman, discussing the parashat hashavuah (the weekly Torah portion) and its relationship to their very modern lives. Issues of concern to any individual student can also come up at this time; it’s flexible and student-led.

Candidates also learn with the Director of Education as they look at the deep importance of tikkun olam (the reparation of the world), and with our Cantorial Soloist learning about the liturgy of the Reform movement. Finally, the students work together with their Jewish Life teacher to discuss how Jewish texts matter on a personal level.

Temple B'nai Tikvah Education B'nai Mitzvah SkatingFor information about Temple’s B’nai Mitzvah Program, please contact the office or Jenny Laing, Director of Education.

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